12 Irresistibly Delicious And Simple Meatball Recipes


Who doesn’t love meatballs? They’re known as a staple food in literally any family. They’re simple and relatively quick to make, therefore ideal meal for weekdays and weekends alike.

I guess every family has its own favorite recipe. What’s best, this dish can be prepared in so many ways, one could have them each day of the week without repeating the same recipe twice. They can be prepared from scratch or made with leftovers, cooked in your favorite sauce, in slow cooker, fried, baked or even made ahead.

I have published many simple and delicious meatball recipes on my website, so I’ve gathered them in this post to make them easily accessible all from one place.

Here’s is the list of 12 meatball recipes for you to pick from:

#1 – Moroccan Meatballs


Get the recipe here

#2 – Turkey Meatball Mini Pot Pies

Turkey Meatball Mini Pot Pies

Get the recipe here

#3 – Chicken Parmesan Meatballs


Get the recipe here

#4 – Crispy Leftover Meatballs


Get the recipe here

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