7 Christmas Dinner Table Decorating Ideas


We are just a week from Christmas and it’s time to think about our Christmas Dinner Table Decorations. It is not just the food you serve, it is also the look of the dinner table that sets the mood of your family and guests, evoking the right holiday atmosphere.


Of course everyone does it in its own way and maybe you like to stick to the tradition and arrange your dinner table the same way every year.

But if you are looking for new, fresh and trendy ideas, I share three videos with 7 different decorating styles for Christmas table: a classic traditional style, 3 modern and cheerful arrangements and 3 classy and elegant tableĀ settings for more demanding guests.

Watch the videos and get ideas for your magical and beautiful Christmas eve.

Traditional Christmas Table

A festive dinner table doesn’t need to be overly done or expansive. You can arrange it with the simple items you already have at home.

If you opt for the classic, this video will show you how to set the table for entire holiday period.

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