Everyone agrees that this delicious and decadent Deep Dish Cookie Pie is even better than a warm chocolate chip cookie. Easy to make, and it’s secretly healthy, too! Topped it with with your favorite ice cream to make it absolutely perfect.

You might say that it’s a sinful-tasting dessert that’s really not so sinful after all.

Perhaps calling it “healthy” is a stretch. After all, there’s still sugar, and there are still chocolate chips. But in comparison to your standard cookie pie—- with its plethora of butter, eggs, and white flour -— this version is a much healthier alternative with lots of fiber and protein, while still tasting just as naughty.

This chocolate pie is a real crowd-pleaser, even with people who aren’t used to eating healthy desserts. Imagine cookie dough in the form of a pie … it tastes like eating a giant homemade chocolate chip cookie!

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