Easy Beef And Broccoli Slow Cooker Recipe


When you need an easy and hearty weekday meal, than a one-pot dish. This Easy Beef And Broccoli Slow Cooker Recipe is exactly what you need for a busy weekday schedule.Slow_Cooker_Beef_Broccoli

Just combine all the ingredients in your crock-pot and wait for your dish to be ready. You can serve it over rice or with yummy freshly baked dinner rolls you can prepare in the meantime. For an easy Dinner Rolls recipe check here.

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  1. Oh, thought I would add that when it is done ckinoog that the gravy is very runny as liquids tend to be cooked in a slow cooker. So I took out the meat and covered it in foil to keep it warm until I could cut it up, then I put the gravy and veggies on the stove top. (My slow cooker sits right on the cooker part and so I can put that right on my stove top, but if yours doesn’t then you could probably transfer to a pot.) Then in a bowl I mix a little corn starch with some water and then add that into my gravy and veggies. Cook until bubbly and the gravy thickens up. I like my gravy to be a little more thick then what will happen in a slow cooker.

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