Full Summer Party Menu (Part 1)

Happy 4th of July! For this festive occasion I’m sharing today a complete summer party menu proposed by Liesl Maggiore from Kincommunity. In her video Liesl is showing how to prepare a complete menu for a summer party, from cocktail to delicious dessert. I’ve cut the video in shorter parts, so you can watch the recipes you want one by one.

In this post I share the recipes for Paloma Cocktail, Herb-Marinated Feta Cheese and Plum Clafoutis.

Let’s open the party with Paloma Cocktail. On the next page you can watch the recipe for delicious Herb-Marinated Feta Cheese.

You can check ingredients for Paloma Cocktail recipe here.

Click next page to watch the recipe for Herb-Marinated Feta Cheese.