Get Those Ingredient Measures Right!


Getting the measures right in the recipes is important, in particular for cakes and biscuits. Since different countries use different measures for ingredients, sometimes can be really difficult to get them right.

I had requests from some readers to post conversion chart for food measurements, and so I did my web search. I found quite some useful tools that will help you understand measures in different recipes.

In US measures are expressed in volume, therefore the main measurement unit is a cup or spoon. In pretty much all other countries ingredients are measured by weight, therefore expressed in ounces or grams. Pretty confusing indeed.

Here’s a cute short chart for very quick conversion.

Conversion chart
Measurements & Temperatures Chart by

On the next page you can find more detailed charts with conversion of measurement units, oven temperatures, ratios for some foods, and measures for pans and dishes. You will also get the link to very handy measurement conversion tool.