How She Makes Her Piping Bags Is Really Amazing


If you are baking a lot, you also need to decorate your cakes and desserts. The easiest way to do that is by using Piping Bags. But when you need to decorate your dessert with different frostings, you’ll need more than one bag.

You can buy professional piping bags or use freezer bags but these all cost money. Plus, when using plastic bags, you are not very kind to the environment.piping bag

Since I’m a big fan of practical ideas that can save me some money and at the same time don’t hurt the nature, I was amazed when I found this video for Homemade Piping Bags with baking paper.

In the video below you can watch Rosie from Cake-Diva sharing here simple technique for piping bag made from baking paper. She’s using one little trick to stitch the bag together that doesn’t require any additional tools or tape.

Watch Rosie at work and make yourself a nice supply of Piping Bags for the holidays.

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