How to De-Seed Pomegranate In 45 Seconds

In September starts the season of pomegranates. This fruit, besides being juicy and flavory, is also very beneficial for our health too, so you should enjoy it as much as you can throughout the winter.

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Pomegranate contains a unique and powerful antioxidant called punicalagin, the most abundant antioxidant in pomegranate, responsible for more than half of the antioxidant activity of pomegranate juice.

Pomegranates are known for having anti-inflammatory effect which can help preventing many diseases, including cancer. You can learn more about benefits of pomgranate here.

So, there’re a lot of reasons to enjoy this fruit as much as we can. But many people avoid it because de-seeding pomegranates can be pretty annoying task.

If you are one of them, you should watch the video on the next page.

How to deseed pomgranate