How To Make Buttermilk At Home


There is a number of recipes that require Buttermilk as one of the ingredients. This especially goes for cakes and cupcakes, to which Buttermilk gives that necessary moist.

As I’m having more and more followers from courtiers outside US, I realized that this ingredient may not be known to everyone or can’t be found in the store in some countries.

So here I share a recipe to make this frequent ingredient of many batters for my non US followers. It will also come in handy, if you ran out of it, but you still want to make that buttermilk dough.

Making buttermilkĀ at home is really easy. All you need is whole milk and white vinegar or lemon juice.

Watch how to make it in the video by below.

There you have it. It’s really super simple. If you’re not familiar with cup measures, you can check conversion chart in this article.