How To Make Fresh Homemade Pasta (Easier Than You Think)


I’m a huge pasta lover and pasta dishes are frequently on our dinner table. But I never thought about making fresh pasta at home. I always believed it was too complicated to make.

Today I came across this tutorial on How To Make Fresh Homemade Pasta and I’m definitely giving it a try in the nearest future.

pasta-machineIt is way easier to make than I’ve ever thought. All it takes are 2 ingredients we all have in our pantries, and 2 kitchen appliance: a food processor and a pasta making machine. I’m pretty sure you already have a food processor among your kitchen essentials. You may not have the pasta making machine  (I don’t – yet) but the investment in this helpful expedient will pay off very quickly. But don’t give up on homemade past even if you don’t have a pasta machine. You can easily use a dough roller cutter, which will do its job just fine.

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