Mango Mandarin Breakfast Smoothie


What’s best than having the ingredients ready to pop them in your blender for delicious energy boosting Smoothie for breakfast? Hardly anything, I’d say.

mango mandarin smoothieThis simple recipe it’s just about that. You’ll get an idea for prepackaged ingredients for your weekly breakfasts you can keep ready in the fridge. When you get up in the morning, all you need to do is to put the ingredients in your blender, add some almond milk and enjoy delicious healthy Breakfast Smoothie.

Mango Mandarin Breakfast Smoothie recipe is part of Easy Meal Prep Ideas For The Week – Menu 2 by Sara Lynn from You can find all the recipes from the menu here.

Watch the steps for Mango Mandarin Breakfast Smoothie in the video below. You can make your smoothies with whatever fruits you like. It’s the simplicity of this recipe that counts 😉

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