Meal Planning Simplified

I’ve been trying for a very long time to make weekly meal planning become my routine. Without much success, I’m afraid. Which was also one of the reasons I started this recipe blog – to get ideas for my daily meals. But just today I came across this fantastic service that will finally help me save precious time in planning my weekly menus.


PlateJoy has created an online based service that helps you make custom, on-demand meal plans and grocery lists adapted to your tastes, health goals, and time constraints.

After you take a lifestyle quiz, PlateJoy will create custom-designed meal plans that best match your eating habits. What I love the most is that you can get recipes and shopping lists sent straight to your phone!

Here’s the complete list of benefits you get with PlateJoy subscription:

  • Unlimited personalized meal plans with whichever courses you’d like (breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack)
  • Custom recipes tailored to your preferences
  • Time-saving grocery lists optimized to reduce waste
  • Option to change dietary preferences any time for free
  • On-demand advice from your personal nutrition coach
  • Full nutritional information for every meal


Yes, the service is not free, but it’s well worth the money. With just $8-10 per month you can save a lot of money that you would be spending on eating out or on wasting food you never have time to cook.

If you value your time and money, I strongly recommend to give PlateJoy a try.

Take the quiz now. It’s free.

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Source: PlateJoy

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