Share Your Favorite Recipe And We'll Turn It Into Video

Share Your Favorite Recipe And We’ll Turn It Into Video

After over a year of looking for easy and tasty recipes to share on my website, I have decided to invite my faithful readers to contribute to the content I create by sharing their favorite recipes with others.

In cooperation with my friends from Food Dolls who are creating amazing easy and delicious video recipes, we are offering you a chance to have your recipe turned into video.

How it works?

It’s simple!

  1. Write down your favorite recipe with all the ingredients and easy to follow directions.
  2. Make some photos of finished dish and send everything to with “My favorite recipe” in the subject line.
  3. In the email tell us a little something about yourself (as much as you wish), and your recipe (where does it come from, how long do you use it, why do you like it…).

As long as your recipe meets our criteria, it will be published on LoveSimpleCooking website and FaceBook page. All the recipes will also be shared at Food Dolls FaceBook page.

Please, check the criteria for recipes below.

How will we choose the recipe for the video?

We won’t! You will!

All the recipes that will be published on LoveSimpleCooking website will be shared on LoveSimpleCooking  and FoodDolls FaceBook pages.

The recipe with the highest number of likes and shares will be the winner. We will sum up likes and shares for published recipes in the period of 1 week (7 days) from the day they were published on both FaceBook  pages.

The winner will be published in the 2nd week of the following month the recipe was published. This will give equal chance for winning to all the recipes published in the current month.

Example: Recipe published on July 31st will be in competition till August 6st. The results will count for the month of July.

The winning recipe from current month will be turned into video by Food Dolls within the next month. Video will be published on Food Dolls website, FaceBook page and YouTube Channel. It will also be published on LoveSimpleCooking website and FaceBook page.

How can you improve your chance for winning?

Share your published recipes with as many friends as you can!

Ready to start?

Read Recipe Criteria:

  1. Recipe needs to be simple and relatively quick to cook (in under 1 hour)
  2. It can be any meal of your choice (breakfast, main, side, soup…)
  3. It has to be made prevalently with fresh ingredients and easy to be found in the store
  4. All the ingredients must be listed with measurements
  5. Directions must clearly explain all the steps and cooking time
  6. If the recipe comes from another website, you must clearly state the origin
  7. Each recipe must be accompanied with at least 2 photographs of cooked and served dish (max 3 photos per recipe)
  8. Photos must be of good quality, in jpeg/jpg format of maximum size 2 MB. Preferred size is between 800 x 600 and  1280 x 800 pixels.

We reserve the right not to publish recipes with no or low quality photos.

Before sending us your recipes, please also read Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Only submit your recipe if you agree with them.

I’m looking forward to receive a lot of new yummy recipes to share it with all of you!