Terms and Conditions for Participation in "Share Your Recipe" Contest

These Terms and Conditions regulate the rules of participation in “Share Your Recipe” Contest (the Contest).

The Contest is published and promoted by Love Simple Cooking and Food Dolls (Contest Organizers).

By participating in the contest you agree with this Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and general Terms of Use.

Subject of the Contest

The subject of the Contests are recipes (content) participants can send to be published at Contest Organizers’ web properties (websites, social media).

Who Can Participate

Anyone of age 18 or older can participate in the contest.

How Can You Participate

You can participate in the contest by sending your content to simplecookinglove@gmail.com. The content must comply with the rules and criteria published at Share Your Favorite Recipe.

What is The Reward for Participation in the Contest

The reword is a video produced by Food Dolls based on content provided by participant who will win the contest. Each month Contest Organizers will publish one winner of the contest.

Under no conditions or circumstance the reward can be claimed in the form of monetary prize.

The winner can share and publish the video wherever he/she wants.

All rewarded videos will also be published on Contest Organizers’ web properties.

How Will Winners Be Selected

All content that Contest Organizers will decide to publish on lovesimplecooking.com, will be shared on FaceBook pages managed by Contest Organizers. The winner of the month will be selected by FaceBook users. The post with the highest number of likes and shares will be declared the winner of the month. The results will be published on Contest Organizers FaceBook pages. Detailed explanation is accessible at Share Your Favorite Recipe.

Right To Refuse Participation or Publication

Contest Organizers can refuse to accept submitted content by any participant on their own discretion.

Copy Right

All the content submitted by participants and published by Contest Organizers will become property of Content Organizers. For further details refer to Article 1 of Terms of Use.

Under no condition or circumstances contest participants can claim financial compensation for submitted materials.

Duration of the Contest

The contest will be opened on the day of its publication on Contest Organizers web properties (FaceBook pages and websites) and will be available until further notice..

Contest Organizers reserve the right to terminate the contest at any time. The termination of the contest will be published on Contest Organizers web properties.