Unbelievable Mini Toffee, Chocolate Ganache And Peanut Butter Cups That Saved My Party

In my freezer, right now, I have the earth- shattering deliciousness. I pity anyone with peanut allergies, because these Peanut Butter Cups have changed my life. These things saved a recent dinner party that I had.

I hadn’t felt up to baking a dessert, even though I have a lot of amazing recipes. So, I bought something from the store, and the most wonderful thing happened: I dropped it on the floor, just two hours before the guests were set to arrive! I went into a furious search for a replacement with the ingredients I had on hand and I found this yummy bombshell on carlsbadcravings.com blog. My dinner party’s CPR 😉

It’s easy to sacrifice the freezer space to have these delicious little treats on hand!

Get this amazing recipe for Chocolate Ganache And Peanut Butter Cups on the next page. It could be your party saver too…