Valentine's Menus That Won't Make You Stay In Kitchen For Hours


Let’s face it: on special occasions like Valentine’s Day or any other personal or public holiday we all tend to show our love and appreciation with some good food. We all know the saying “way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, right? But making those perfect and delicious meals doesn’t necessarily take hours to cook.


I suggest some possible menu ides for Valentine’s day, that won’t take you whole lot of time to cook, yet they will look amazing and will show all your love. Check them out and plan your perfect Valentine’s menu.


heart shaped egg



Easy Heart Shaped Eggs


heart egg toast



Heart Toast




Bacon Muffins With Heart Shaped Egg




Crunchy Cheesy Crunchy Cheesy Bread Sticks




Ham-and-Cheese-Pretzel-Bites3_800x514Easy Ham And Cheese Rolls




stuffed brie3Baked Stuffed Brie Wrapped in Puff Pastry




Main Course

meatloaf balls plateMashed Potatoes Meatloaf Balls




sesame ginger salmonSesame Ginger Salmon




stuffed-chickenStuffed Chicken Breasts





heart potatoesRoasted Potato Hearts




baked potatoesRusset Baked Potatoes With Parmesan




potato stacks2Potato Parmesan Stacks





cupcake bouquetValentine’s Rose Cupcakes




yogurt jello dessertYogurt & Ricotta Jello With Strawberries




strawberry heart tartsStrawberry Heart Tarts




For really pretty decoration you could make a bouquet of strawberry roses to enjoy at the end of the evening with a nice glass of champagne.

strawberry-rose1Strawberry Roses

Happy Valentine’s Day!